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  • Mitochondrial Donation

    Mitochondrial Donation

    Mito Foundation welcomes government response to recommendations from Senate Inquiry on mitochondrial donation in Australia, whilst recognising the need for swift action for those impacted by mito. Read more
  • Read Tom's story

    Read Tom's story

    Tom was four when he began experiencing symptoms of Leigh syndrome. Now 31, Tom is thriving and giving back to the community to inspire those living with mito. Read more
  • AGHA-Mito Foundation Genetic Testing Partnership

    AGHA-Mito Foundation Genetic Testing Partnership

    A revolutionary genomics study providing access to accurate diagnoses for those suspected of having mito Read more
  • Do you have mito?

    Do you have mito?

    Currently, no one has a complete understanding of the number of people with mito, what type of mito they may have, who they are and how to contact them. The Mito Registry is building that picture... Read more
  • Looking for support or information?

    Looking for support or information?

    Connect with others who are affected by mito via our Support Groups, Support Network or Teleconferences. Read more

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